Highlanders News · Highlander Athletics – Return to Practice Begins June 8th

Return to Practice Begins June 8th

On Monday, June 8th, our Highlander teams can begin on-campus workouts ahead of the 2020 fall seasons.  As we return to on-campus athletic activities, we are continuously making decisions to ensure the safety of our players, teams, and school.  Below, information regarding protocols on how we will return is included covering a variety of each subject.  Additionally, each team and their respective coach will have tailored information for their athletes, including start and conclusion times, workout and drop-off/pickup information, and necessary equipment for those participants.

Included in this email is the official SCISA document regarding policies on returning to practice for Phase 1 (dated as a June 1 start date).  Phase 1 activities on campus at Heathwood will only include Varsity, and prospective Varsity athletes.  Dates and times for Junior Varsity and MS athletes will be shared in the very near future.


– Student-athletes exhibiting symptoms of illness, as well as those with high temperatures should not report to campus for practice.
– Students must be re-enrolled for the 2020-21 school year at Heathwood prior to beginning workouts.  Students who are not re-enrolled at the time of the workout will not be permitted to participate.
– Only athletes who are participating in the workout are allowed to take part in and watch the workouts.
– Players must be registered for their respective Fall Athletics sport on Family ID before they are allowed to participate.
– On Family ID, A parent must sign the Agreement of Participation and Warning of Inherent Risk forms on Family ID.
– For those with expired physicals, updated physicals will be required for the start of preseason practice by July 30.  Those will physicals on file from the 2019-20 school year (including those that may have expired prior to the workout) will be permitted to workout.  Any athlete without any physical on file will not be permitted to participate.


  • Check-In for all athletes will be held in the Lower Gym.  Cars may be parked in the Athletic Center Parking Lot and Baseball Gravel Lot.
  • Athletes may enter the lower gym through the back doors.  Coaches & Players only will be permitted at that time.
  • Masks will be required for Athletes during Check-In.  Athletes will need to supply their own mask.
  • Check-in will consist of taking temperature & screening questionnaires


  • SCISA Phase I workouts allow outdoor activities only.  No equipment will be allowed.
  • Athletes must provide their own large water bottle & towel.  Coolers will not be available
  • We ask that all athletes return to their vehicles and leave campus immediately after being dismissed by their coach.


– The Heathwood Strength & Conditioning Center (Weight Room) will not be available at this time for workouts.  Current guidelines allow up to 5 people per 1000 square feet in indoor spaces.


– BOYS CROSS COUNTRY (cscannella@heathwood.org) – 8:00AM
– GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY (wware@heathwood.org) – 8:00AM
– FOOTBALL (dlewis1@heathwood.org) – 9:00AM
– VOLLEYBALL (skoelbel@heathwood.org) – 8:30AM
– TENNIS (ngaffos@gmail.com) – 10:00AM
– SWIMMING (jkata@thegieselawfirm.com) – Start Date TBD
– CHEERLEADING (paige.bryant@colliers.com) – Start Date TBD
– GOLF (lhumphrey@heathwood.org) – June 9 Start @ Oak Hills, 9:30AM