Boys Varsity Bowling, Girls Varsity Bowling · Girls’ Bowling Teams take 1st and 2nd

The Highlander Bowling teams traveled to Sumter on Wednesday, January 30th for our sixth and final regular season team competition. This match had 11 schools that made up 26 teams competing.
The girls’ teams took both 1st and 2nd place while Boys’ teams took 3rd and 4th place.   The girls’ teams had their best scores of the year with 381 and a 376 total for the girls teams and boys’ teams with a 398 and 384. The Girls’ team 1 was made up of Laura McInnis, Anna Davis, Beverly Henning, Riana Shelley and Grayson Miller. The Girls team 2 was made up of Logan Trull, Molly Caballero, Audrey Osborne, Madeline Ashcraft and Phina Abikhaled.
The boy team 1 was made up of McLain King, Davis Buchanan, James Lucas, Juwan Hayes and Xander Postic.  The boy team 2 was made up of Daniel Sobel, DuBose Tuller and Marsh Taylor.
Next Monday we will be in Sumter for the SCISA Team State Championships.