Highlanders News · 2018 Summer Strength & Conditioning Details

This summer, the Tourville Center for Strength, Conditioning, and Rehabilitation will be open for all students to have the opportunity to develop their bodies within a safe, fun, and beneficial environment.  Within the Strength and Conditioning curriculum, the focus is to build all individuals from the ground up by using principles based on scientific knowledge and practical experiences. The foundation in which the curriculum is built upon includes:
– Ensuring Safety
– Moving Efficiently
– Moving Strong
– Moving Fast
– Adjusting and Adapting
– Continuing to Thrive!


Attached is both the summer calendar schedule, as well as an evaluation of the 2017-18 Highlander Strength program as used for middle ad high school students.  Remember: Consistent work performed at a high level will produce the greatest results!

Additionally, there will be no Tuesday/Thursday sessions for the remainder of the school year until summer training sessions begin!

Jay Spearman, MS, MPH, CSCS, FMSC

Director of Strength and Conditioning
Anatomy and Physiology Teacher
Asst.Football Coach
Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
3000 South Beltline Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29201

Email: jspearman@heathwood.org 
Cell: (864) 941-7652